Corporate Yoga

Does your organisation have a corporate wellness plan? Ebb and Flow Yoga's corporate yoga programs are specifically designed to address the needs of corporates. Below are some exciting options to get you started:

Employee Benefits:

Recent studies show that when individuals have a greater degree of wellbeing they are:

• More likely to feel involved in the workplace.

• More efficient due to mental alertness and clarity.

• More confident to tackle tasks due to increased focus and concentration.

• More likely to be happy doing their work.

• Less likely to feel stressed.

• Less likely to have days off due to health issues

Employer Benefits:

Companies that select to invest in wellness programs, generally experience:

• Less health and safety occurrences.

• Decreased absenteeism due to aches, pains, and burnout.

• Reduced staff turnover.

• Pride in the workplace and initiative to strive for excellence. 

• Increased productivity.

Have a browse through our range of corporate offerings. Businesses are able to select a combination or a single option for their staff. Prices are listed below each option. There is also the choice for participants to have a private session separately or as part of a package. By taking one-on-one sessions, we are able to tailor each class to the specific needs of the individual.

Packages are usually booked in blocks of 8 weeks. We know each organisation is different, therefore we will always try to best accommodate your needs. Whether you’re looking to book a one-off session, a weekly or monthly schedule, we will design a specific program for your business. After an initial meeting, you might have some objectives in mind, and we can assist with suggestions. From there we’ll present you with a wellbeing program that will delight both you and your staff. We look forward to hearing from you so we can work together in creating a positive environment for your organisation.


Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is exactly as it sounds, yoga in your chair!

Sitting at a desk all day produces poor movement patterns and has long-term side effects. Repetitive positioning affects posture, causing muscle strain and fatigue. Chair yoga classes are specifically adapted and tailored to suit the needs of participants, in the corporate workplace.  


One of the fabulous things about chair yoga is that participants don't need to change out of their work attire, unless they would like to. Functional movement in the chair focuses on stretching and strengthening areas of tension, (shoulders, neck, back, hamstrings, wrists).


We practise optimal desk posture, as well as relaxation and breathing techniques to combat built-up stress from sitting at a desk for long periods. Individuals can practise the various exercises throughout the day.


No experience is required, classes are tailored to suit all fitness levels and abilities.

A free consultation is provided to discuss and identify your needs and desired outcomes for your employees.


Zoom classes also available. Max 15 participants per class


60 minutes - $85

30 minutes - $50


Lunch and Learn - Seminars

Lunch and Learn wellness seminars are perfect for companies wanting to give their staff a boost in morale, host a special event, try something new that they may introduce on a regular basis.

Each 60 or 90-minute workshop includes a take-home pack for each participant.

Our programs are designed to teach practical and hands-on skills to employees that they can positively implement into their workday. Depending on the space available, seminars can be run at the desk, or a boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, A/V room.

Here are some examples of the types of seminars we can offer:


• The benefits of moving well.

• The importance of functional movement.

• A brief history of yoga.

• Methods of breathing more deeply and effectively.

• Ways to prevent and relieve symptoms of workplace health issues, eg: neck and back pain, eye strain, headache, tightness in the hamstrings.

• Setting up for correct posture when at the workstation/desk to prevent common misalignment problems.


Breathing and Mindfulness (Pranayama)

• Pranayama, or breathwork, involves exercises where we control or direct our breathing to improve energy, reduce stress and create optimal health. Pranayama has profound benefits on our physical and mental states.

• We will cover the fundamental principles of pranayama and specific techniques will be both discussed and practiced.

• Participants will gain an understanding of how the movement of breath affects both body and mind.


Other examples of topics we could offer your team include:

• Yoga for back pain & better posture

• Teamwork yoga

• Creating a simple yoga practise that you can do at home

• Technology & mindfulness

• The optimal workstation


60 minutes - $110

90 minutes $150


Class series - 8-weeks

These 8-week class series are fabulous, as participants get to build their knowledge and skills in a specific area. Some examples of the types of classes series we can offer as a series:

Yoga for back pain & building a better posture.

Functional movement.

Pranayama, (breath work) relaxation and yoga philosophy.

Balancing postures and handstands.

Seated yoga.

Partner yoga.

Team Yoga.


60 minutes - $85

30 minutes - $45



Mat Yoga Classes

Most of our classes are all-levels and are suitable for everyone, including absolute beginners.

Many people worry that they’re not flexible enough to do yoga however, our classes focus on strength and mobility which is completely different from flexibility. So don’t worry! If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to address them with us.


Classes start with relaxed breathing, which is part of what makes yoga so calming for many people. We will flow through yoga postures, do balance work, and learn how to move functionally. Sequences are designed to retrain old movement patterns and postural imbalances. Our aim is for participants to build strength and stability while focusing on their breath. We finish with a relaxing meditation, where the goal is to surrender and rest.

We also offer an 8-week beginners yoga course, where participants are able to learn the foundations of a safe and healthy yoga practice. This includes breathwork, an introduction to yoga, philosophy, posture, alignment, basic poses, and guided meditation.

Classes can also be revved up, for seasoned yogis who like a workout!

60 minutes - $85

30 minutes - $50