Mat Yoga Classes

Mat classes are similar to a yoga class at a studio, except more personalised. Most of our classes are for all levels and are suitable for everyone, including absolute beginners. We use mats and props in these classes. Mat classes will require enough space for participants to move around, ideally a boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, A/V room. Outdoors also works well.

Many people worry that they’re not flexible enough to do yoga however, our classes focus on strength and mobility which is completely different from flexibility. So don’t worry! If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to address them with us.


• Classes begin with relaxed breathing, which is part of what makes yoga so calming for many people. We practise a series of yoga postures, work on balance, stability, and functional movement. Sequences are designed to retrain old movement patterns and postural imbalances. We finish with a relaxing meditation, where the goal is to surrender and rest.

• We also offer an 8-week beginners yoga course, where participants are able to learn the foundations of a safe and healthy yoga practice. This includes breathwork, an introduction to the physical practise of yoga, some philosophy, the basics of good posture, and guided meditation.

• For gym junkies, we offer a strong yoga class, where participants will stretch and sweat, and get the same benefits as they would, from doing a full-body workout!

Zoom classes also available. Max 15 participants per class.

60 minutes - $75

30 minutes - $50

Props may incur an extra cost.