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Melita's unique functional yoga classes have provided me with the skills and knowledge to develop a stronger and more balanced yoga practice. I take this into my daily tasks with greater mobility.

Robbie Henderson - Client

Transform your everyday movement into extraordinary movement. 

Do you want to feel sturdy and strong? No matter our age or fitness level, over time we all have a tendency to develop postural imbalances and asymmetries.


HAPI YOGI classes focus on healthy mobility and optimal posture so you can experience stability and strength. Sustainable movement increases your body’s ability to work efficiently as one unit, which translates to real-life situations. Improve your ability to lift, bend, reach, and get up off a chair. Prevent injuries now and as you age. Enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Get Functional.

Functional movement is moving your body safely in a variety of ways that are fun and challenging. You will be challenged and amazed at what you can do!


Every class starts with the most fundamental movement patterns, laying the groundwork before moving into more complex patterns. It’s like setting the foundations of a statue in order to secure the main body of the structure in place. Moving functionally gives you increased mobility, coordination and confidence!


Melita Eisenberg - Yoga Teacher

Do you sometimes hear yourself saying, "I'm too busy to exercise today"? It's true life is hectic, with to-do lists and it can be overwhelming. I understand - I’ve worked in corporate roles, so I know it can take its toll. If you want more vitality, movement plays a key role in boosting energy..


Yoga and functional movement can help you to gain strength, unwind and so much more, however, a sustainable practise requires sustainable movement.

Over the years in Yoga classes I've attended, I was often encouraged to twist further and fold deeper in certain postures, for no apparent reason, so I pushed myself to fit into uncomfortable shapes and consequently felt worse for it. Especially the day after! Thankfully I found a method of Yoga that is safe, informed, and fabulous without the stress of folding into a pretzel!

Finding the right balance

My classes are inspired by and based on principles of functional anatomy and biomechanics. I combine traditional Hatha Yoga with The LYT™ Yoga method, (created by Lara Heimann) which is a core-based Vinyasa (Yoga flow) style that pays specific attention to retraining postural imbalances and sub-optimal movement habits.


With the wealth of knowledge I've gained through rigorous and authentic teacher training, I am able to bring you an informed style of yoga that is smart, safe and completely uplifting. Whether you're an experienced Yogi or new to Yoga, I am committed to igniting your passion for movement by guiding you through this truly transformative practice.


You deserve to feel the joy and power of your body. I can show you practical ways to incorporate yoga into all aspects of your life. Wherever you are on your movement path, I’m here to back you!!

Much Love,

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Member of Yoga Alliance International Registry

200hr LYT™ Yoga Method Teacher Training

100hr LYT™ Yoga Method (Specialty Training)

200hr Loka Yoga School Teacher Training 

200hr Yoga Body Works Teacher Training 

50 hr The Yoga Academy Teacher Training 

Corporate Yoga Teacher Training 

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 

First Aid - CPR Certified

Active Kids Voucher Provider



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What Clients Say

"Mel's unique functional yoga classes have provided me with the skills and knowledge to develop a stronger and more balanced yoga practice. I take this into my daily tasks with greater mobility."